Monday, October 5, 2009

Tiny Egg.....

Look at the tiny egg my daughter found out in the hen house..... It is so tiny : ) I placed a large egg next to it so you can see the size difference. Not sure why one of the girls layed one so small. In the number of years we have had the hens we have only had one egg hatch to a baby chick. We didn't spot it fast enough and the poor thing got stepped on by one of the goats or the turkey's got it.
We are going to start Apologia Flying Creatures - We are trading our Zoology 3 book with a gal who had the Flying Creatures book and wanted to trade with us. We were going to start Apologia General Science but after looking it over I think we won't start that until next year. We will go through Flying Creatures and then Botnay to finish off those books.

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Fatcat said...

Hey, did you know there are free notebooking pages for this curriculum?