Monday, October 19, 2009

Topsy Turvy Kinda Day

Things sure are topsy turvy here!
A cold front has traveled down to our area of the country and boy am I LOVING it!!!!! It has been sooooo refreshing to feel actually cold again. I don't own a single pair of pants so I don't want it to get too cold : (
Then on a sad note, My son and his fiancee broke up last night. Just seeing my 20 year old cry just makes my heart so sad..... I don't know if they will get back together or not but for now he feels so sad and keeps saying he will never find another girl like her. I have tried to explain to him at 20 he has alot of time to find the right girl and there is no rush at all.
The other topic I wanted to mention is our schooling - It was going fantastic but since my husband has been home ALL the time, then the turmoil with my son & the decision to end my dog breeding business has just put a major damper on it! Kelly has not been able to consentrate on any of the work again : (
We started Cricket In Time Square as our next book from the Beyond Five In A Row selection. I thought she would be interested in it since I know alot about the area and have been there a number of times and could share with her some stories but so far she hasn't been interested at all. I went to one of my favorite blogging buddies site Toad Haven, her and her family recently visited Time Square and took some GREAT pictures I thought it would give Kelly as idea of what it actually looks like there.
Maybe tomorrow we will have a better day !!!!!!


Freakmom said...

We read that book over the summer and loved it! We're working now on the sequels to it. We didn't do any study related things though.

Jennifer said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments on my pictures of Times Square. It's such a cool place! So much to see. You're post gave me an idea. We like to do Flat Stanley things and thought that hosting flat crickets might be fun. It's been so long since I've read the book so I don't remember all the places mentioned in the book that would be fun to take the flat crickets and take their pictures (Times Square, a new stand, Grand Central Station?, etc) Can't remember? I don't know how old your daugt is or if she's even interested in doing any of these tpye of "flat" projects but if she is and would like to send us a flat cricket to photograph around town then let me know. We're heading up there next Tuesday, Oct 27th to watch a taping of the Martha Stewart Show and will be right in the Times Sqaure area.