Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Weather Today!!!!!!

BoldNow this is the kind of weather I could enjoy all the time.... We are having bright sun and 70 degree temps.! I woke up feeling alive : )
I really think I need to get a schedule down to keep our day on track, Most days we wing it and I think that is one of our major problems.
I just hate it when the house looks like a mess and I stress about that and have to homeschool at the same time..... This morning I mopped the floors and I feel so much better seeing it look nice. I think if I just give everything a quick mop in the morning & quickly straighten up I might not feel so stressed.
I also am going back to the monthly food menu again, that worked soooo well for me. It was so much less stress knowing what we were having each night, defrosting ahead of time, knowing I had all the ingredients on hand to make it ect. I really think I just make things harder then they need to be!
I went through our schooling box and took out the stuff that I had in there that we aren't using to help get rid of the mess. I am trying to really settle down these last few months of schooling and get some work done....
Of course the horses are out the window just calling us to go for a ride.... No! I have to focus!!!!
Have a great day : )

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