Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Just Got Some Sad News...

My son's girlfriend's mother passed away! I feel so sad for Anne, she lost her dad last year about this time and now here mom.... Anne is only 19 years old! Her Mom went in for an operation to help her breath better and came out of surgery but got ammonia and I guess that killed her. Anne has a few brothers and sisters but they are much older then her but I hope she can find comfort from them... the family seems to be fighting over who gets the Mom's car ect. (I know how that is - there is nothing like a death in the family to bring out the worst in so many people).

School work has been going sooooo slowwwwww! When ever my husband & I run a few errands in the morning it seems to throw off the the whole day and we get nothing school wize done : ( Like today, we ran out to pay the electric bill and got side tracked a bit and when we got home it was already going towards 1pm. I have been trying to plan a bit more though and hope to get us rolling tomorrow! I have bought a new math book for Kelly, Life Of Fred Fractions. I NEED to get this girl moving on her math.... I am hoping this book which is kinda "outside the box" in it's teaching methods so I am hoping my reluctant learner will be drawn to it.
I have also placed a ton of dvd's in my Netflix box, I can't wait to get them... I did stop off at the library today and picked up some good books on the Iditarod dog race, St. Patrick's Day, Coral Reefs, & How to draw animals... Now if I can just stay home and get the ball rolling...

I also want to "Praise God" that the unemployment extention finally got passed!!! I just pray my husband can get it.

Have a great day!!!!

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