Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wings Over Flagler

Kelly & I went to a fly in airshow at our local airport yesterday.
The weather was just perfect for the event. We went early and saw all the different type planes that were there, even a C-47 "Tico Belle" which is 65 years old (I have included the webpage for the plane - So interesting!). We are studying World War II & wrapping up our "Famous Women" month with Amelia Earhart so this all tied in wonderfully : ) The best part was stepping back and listening to the old timers tell their war stories, you could tell from their eyes it brought back good & bad memories. I was saddend by how few young people were there, very few Kelly's age. It cost $5.oo for adults and $3.00 for teens - the man at the gate charged Kelly $5.00, she was shocked she came over to me and said "Mom, Do I look like an adult"? Kelly is tall and skinny and wears no make-up so I'm not sure why the fellow thought she was older but I was glad that Kelly didn't like the idea of being older.... We had a fantastic time and spent a good part of the day there just looking at the planes. New planes came in from time to time and others did some flying tricks with the smoke coming out the tail - just so cool!
I tell you though when we first got there and these older planes were flying over head swooping and swaying this way and that looking like real combat it kinda got me in the gut....
We also participated in Earth Day by shutting off all of the electricity last night from 8:30 to 9:30pm - We played Uno by candle light : )
All in all a great day!


PlainJane said...

Hi Donna, I've been trying to leave a comment for 2 days now. Trying again - this is a test.

PlainJane said...

Okay, that worked, so here's a real

Neat planes. I always love the fly over at our Rodeo Days parades - makes one proud. We have an air museum not too far away. They call it the best kept secret. It's really interesting & I too wish more kids would visit there. That's great that you took your daughter.

In response to your question on the AAA Driving Ed book. Our's came with an at-home Drivers Ed course I bought by a local homeschool dad, but I would think you could get it through AAA somehow. I highly recommend the book, it has a lot of nice photos & illustrations and is well layed out. Amber wasn't in any hurry to get her license, but now a lot of her friends are getting their's so she has changed her mind. She could have gotten her permit last year too, but perhaps she will be 17 by the time she gets her license, so the later the better I think. She will be a good driver, but I'd rather her be safe at home as long as possible.

Sherri said...

We recently had some WWII planes come here too. We got to go inside was so cool. We are planning to go to a nearby air show soon!! We are also studying WWII, so it was perfect timing for us too.