Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What A Struggle Today!

Wow, We had one of "those" school days today that you just have to shake your head at!
It's days like today where it rakes up all the fears I have about homeschooling....
It kinda started yesterday when we were watching a dvd. on Beethoven, It was soooo boring! I was surprised at how little interesting information they showed in it. Kelly just looked at me and rolled her eyes, thats her sign that she didn't understand one thing they said - In other words a big waste of time : ( We then moved to Calculation Capers, she wasn't giving it her full attention and I was getting upset. I knew even though this workbook has alot of easy addition & subtraction problems it would grate on her nervous because there are alot of steps you have to go through to get the answers which I felt was a good thing to tackle since in "real life" many times this will come in handy. Just a struggle of a day yesterday.
Which leads us to today.... Same little effort from Kelly just a different day! We worked on World War II, She was with me through all of that - She has alot of interest in that so she pays alot of attention to the readings, maps ect. Then we moved off that to the math, pulling teeth again. I help her along when she gets stuck so I don't know why she carries on so about it. Then to our study of Germany, she was sitting there but had that attitude so I wrapped the day up and got some advil and listened to the Bee Gee's that helps me re-group my energy. I hope tomorrow is a better day!!!!

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Luke said...

May today be going much better!