Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dead Lake Trip

Kelly & I went and explored Dead Lake today, It is maybe 5 minutes from our home and we never really explored it before.... It was very pretty there, and again very relaxing.
Yes, It is really called Dead Lake:
"Dead Lake so named because
it was as far as the steam ships
could carry passengers. It was
the “dead end” of the line.
In the early 1900’s, steam ship
travel up the St.Johns River was
the easiest way to get to Flagler
Bull Creek was the site of
an extensive wharf where goods
were transported in and out the
county and the area also boasted
of accommodations for travelers
in the Omega Hotel. A narrow
gauge rail system in the St.Johns
Park community of Flagler
County routed goods to and from
the docks at Dead Lake to Henry
Flagler’s north/south rail line in
present day Bunnell".
We got a chance to see my favorite birds, Pelicans! I think they are so cool looking : ) They also have signs up for the boaters to keep an eye out for the manatees & not to feed the gators. I would LOVE to see one of them! I will have to go talk to some of the regular fishermen and aske what time of year is best for manatee sightings there. We also saw a few other birds but not as many as I had thought, It might be because of the motors from the boats.
Beautiful weather today, alittle bit overcast and mild just like I like it : )

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