Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Day / Digital Nation dvd

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day!

I have been so far behind this week I totally forgot about today's holiday : (

I have another very eye opening dvd to tell you about...

Frontline: Digital Nation ... Another Wow dvd!

It touches on sooo many issues of today, multitasking, addicted to video games, How students do not know how or want to read a book of any length, Kids attention spans are so short that all they want is instant gratification right away, How they are making virtual friends which makes them feel that there is no need for "real" friends, that there will be no need for students to retain alot of info. about a topic because they are able to look the info up in a seconds notice ect. I was spellbound by it all! Kelly was like the kids on the dvd, She kept saying "What's wrong with that"? Kelly has bought right into this digital age, she can't live without her computer & her computer friends, she texts at record speeds, she just LOVES "The Sims3" video game ect. I guess most kids today really are like that : ( As the dvd says we will see what effects this kind of simulation will have on our future generations. One thing that caught my eye is that some schools are going totally digital! The kids are still in the classroon but every subject is taught on the computer, it will be all visual. Some of it sounded wonderful, I mean being immersed in say the Civil War were you are one of the soldiers and you actually meet Gen. Lee & Grant ect. sounds amazing to me! I guess it all has it's good points & bad but really interesting to think about....

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