Thursday, May 26, 2011

House Dvd Series

We are still working on our "House" dvd's (No, Not Dr. "House" the tv series) but the one where families are transported back to a far away time period and have to try and live that way of life.
So far we have seen:

Colonial House set in 1628

Frontier House set in the 1880's time frame

The 1900 House set in 1900

The Manor House set in the 1900's British class system

The 1940s House set in the time frame of 1939 to 1945

We are still in the watching stage of "The Manor House" but the rest were all very good! As I have mentioned there are some questionable scenes most notable a few animals getting killed, a few shots of nakedness, some talk of husband & wife stuff but we just turned the tv off for a few minutes and these scenes passed quickly. This has been the most enjoyable series of dvd's that we have watched for Kelly! She has come alive with talk of "Would we be able to live back then", "Which time frame we would do better in", "How would we of survived with out the ability to kill an animal", Many many more questions and topics have been delt with while viewing this series. It has been a great success for us I am sad to see we are now viewing the last one in this series so our time is coming to a close for our time travel back to other times but is sure has been a fun trip. : )


Jennifer said...

There is a similar series called The Alaska Experiment

I saw one episode and it looked good and have been meaning to get th past ones on Netflix.

Here's the parental review

Also, did you watch Kid NAtion when it was on tv? It only made it one season due to one of the parents suing the show when he daughter got burned by a hot pot, I believe, but it was an interesting show.

Jennifer said...

She might also like the PBS documentary about the Donner Party

hapi said...

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Donna said...

Thanks for the suggestions Jennifer, I will see if we can get them thru Netflix. : )