Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Day Is It??????

I have been really thrown off thinking today is Monday..... It's going to be one of those weeks!
I have a plan of action in my mind for the summer months schooling.... That is if we don't have a rough Hurricane/Fire season this year.
As I have said I am using the "Checklist" & "How to Home School Today - Checklist Assistant" & "The Homeschool Network Internet Library" to throw together some ideas and fill in some of the areas we just have not covered.
I'm trying to get a better picture of our schooling direction but we really are a wing it type of homeschooling family : ) When I find something that catches Kelly interest I run it for all is worth!
Of course My MidLife "Green" Crisis has been really affecting alot of what we are working on lately. Today we are going to be watching the "Planet in Peril" dvd, I'll let you know how it was tomorrow...
Have a great day!!


Winnie said...

Isn't it funny how our own interests and passions are infused into our homeschooling? I was thinking over this year and realized that through my interest in organic foods/green smoothies/and improved nutrition, my girls learned more about health then they ever would have in school. Plus it tied in so perfectly to our study of botany where we learned about photosynthesis and chlorophyl (which I put in my smoothies sometimes...) I am continually amazed.

Jessica said...

that comment was actually from me, Jessica. I did not realize I was using my daughter's profile!