Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Good Morning!!!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic day today!
God Bless all those people in that Missouri town hit by the tornado, My gosh the destruction was horrible!

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to those who commented on my blog, I had changed the settings and had to verify each comment.... which of course got lost in my e-mail issues. Anyway, I have reset it so we should be good to go.

We are still working on the "On theFar side of the Mountain" book & the "Pocket Guide", I know it seems like we have been on them forever doesn't it.... We move along at a snails pace here : ) We are reading about poison ivy, You know I don't think I would know it if I saw it. I think I have only had poison ivy once in my life time and that was years ago. The book shows an example but that looks like alot of other plants. I have to get out the "Nature Guide" book and see what that says.

It's been very hot down here in Florida! It's those kinda days where you hate to go out after lunch because you just sweat buckets : ( Sure hope we are not setting up for a terrible hurricane season!

Have a great day!!


Fatcat said...

I've got a ton of poison ivy in my yard, want to come see it? You could count it as a field trip and learn about KY history as well as plant life. :-)

Phyllis said...

We have a lot here in MD, too. I made a post about it...if you want to see the photo of ours-

Donna said...

Thanks gals! We have been looking here with the book examples and can't find any.... Maybe that is a good thing : )
Thank you for commenting!