Monday, May 2, 2011

God Bless America....

God Bless America & All of her Armed Forces! Finally getting Osama bin Laden!
9 1/2 years after the attack but they finally got him. Most of my family doesn't belive it, they feel since there is no body we will never know for sure if all this is true.... My husband feels that the goverment wanted something to rally America since so much has been going wrong lately ex. gas prices going over the $4.00 mark, food prices are going to soar because of the gas prices, the horrible devastation in Alabama from the tornados, unemployment, housing market hitting the rocks ect.. I really wish they would have been able to reassure the American people that it really was him some how.

On to the school front:
We finished up "My Side of the Mountain", Kelly enjoyed it! I have also gotten from the library "Pocket Guide to the Outdoors" based on My Side of the Mountain which we are going to work thru this week. It looks like alot of interesting facts & ideas to try. We also have been watching the Frontier House dvd, Wow it has spurred alot of conversation between Kelly & I! It really tied in great with the book above. I have to say the dvd's are in 2 parts 3 hours long each, Kelly was glued to the screen! She "Asked" me to hurry up and get part two. I do want to mention that they speak a little bit about contraception & a few bits about the parents not having any time for some "together" time. It also has some scenes of them killing chickens & a pig, We just turned the tv off for a few minutes until these scenes passed. The dvd really makes you aware of how lucky we are now with all our technology to help us make our days easier but also it has ruined us in many ways also. One of the little boys in the dvd said something to the effect that people now adays have no imagination any more! Wow!
I have also gotten from the library "On the Far Side of the Mountain" the next book to follow "My Side of the Mountain" so we will continue with that.
I LOVE Jean Craighead George books!!!!!! And the best part is Kelly does too : )

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