Friday, July 15, 2011

Life Never Ceases To Amaze Me!

Life never ceases to amaze me!
I received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago for a lawyers office, I was like what now???? It turned out I am listed as a co-executor on a will. The lawyer said he has been looking for me for over a year.... it turns out that the two ladies who were our living angels up in PA. put me in their will. These two ladies were the closest you can come to down right living saints on this earth as you will ever find!!! I could write an entire blog about just them but they were a life line to us in so many ways. They always had a kind word for me every day which is such a boost to a persons esteem. I loved those ladies like they were my own family. They rented out our second floor in the big old 1880's house we had and then they decided they wanted to move to an assisted living home. It was very hard leaving them when we moved to Florida but at the time we "thought" we were doing the right thing for our family by moving. I wrote a few notes and called but as time passed just like all the rest of my family up there we didn't hear from them much.
Anyway, They both passed away one was over 100 years old, the other was in her late 90's, they went a few months apart as one never did anything without the other. I had gone to cell phones so not sure if anyone from the assisted living tried to call me but they never sent back the notes & Christmas cards I sent letting know.
I find it odd that it took the lawyer this long to find me.... I hate that I am not able to go up to PA. and look the ladies assets over as I guess they wanted me to do since they made me a co-executor (the other co-executor is the lawyer who contacted me). He said that he will look into me being able to sign the papers down here and just send them up. I contacted him yesterday since it has been almost 2 weeks since I heard from him but there was only the answering machine not sure if he is on vacation or what but it just seems really strange to me.... The one lady worked for ATT down in NYC for many years and he said she had stock, some liquid assests and some other things we need to take care of which he did not mention. I would think being a co-executor I should be told/shown all that needs to be taken care of even if I am far away. I just hope I don't let the ladies down and that the people they have listed in their will get what's coming to them....

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