Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid Week Up-Date

We are having another scorcher of a day here in my part of Florida! We have been getting rain most days which is a good thing but still sooooo HOT! It feels alot hotter this year then even last year and I thought last year was horrible. I can't wait till fall or winter.... Is that me saying she wants cooler weather (Yes, it is!).

Since my mini vacation we have not been doing any schooling alot of issues going on as well so we just cooled it for awhile, Well wouldn't you know my darling daughter said "When are we getting back to school work"? Heck ya! It just goes to show you even the most reluctant learners like to have something to keep their minds on other then the computer : ) So I really am hoping to start back up on Monday. I say hope because in this house you just don't know from one day to the next what is going to go on which isn't always a good thing.

My husband's boss found some work for him all the way in DeLand which is pretty far away from us, with our jeep hitting over 250,000 miles on her I hate to have him go that far with her every day but you just have to hope and pray that she keep running for us. To be honest he will be using alot of gas also so he won't be making much money but at least it get's him out of the house..

I have really been trying to keep the house in order (as much order as someone who has as many dogs as we do can). Wouldn't you know today my mop broke : ( I need my mop, I do the floors almost every other day and now no mop. It' funny how you don't miss something until you don't have it. I guess I could find some old clothes and use them to wipe the floor with since I don't know when I will get another mop (hey, back in the old days they didn't have all these new gadgets to work with).

I am hoping to get over into the old school area and clean that out. As I have mentioned after reading Bea's advice over in No Wast Home how stuff just adds stress I really am trying to lighten our load of things... Of course she doesn't home school but I am sure I have a ton of stuff that are just laying over there not being used that I could either toss out, sell, or donate to the Salvation Army.

Hope everyone is staying cool!! Have a Great Day : )

P. S. - I wanted to mention Target has the 70 page notebooks for .20 cents this week - Can't beat that price : )


Phyllis said...

Sounds like you have a lot of pets to care for! I am glad that he has work at least and hope you are staying cool.

Rhonda said...

Happy to hear that the hubby has some work, but sorry to hear about the distance of it. My girls are enjoying their summer, but I can sense that the older girls are beginning to get a little bored at times. We do not start back up until Sept. so I am hoping that they can hold out by then. Sorry to hear about your mop. Hey, you use whatever you can to keep a clean house. You are right. Back in the day they did not have those fancy gadgets, yet still kept their houses up.

Winnie said...

I use dishtowels to wash my floors! One positive of having the work is that you don't know what it could turn into. Perhaps they will offer more money, or have something long term......I will pray for your family.

We decided to start back August 1st. The girls have been bickering and I am feeling restless. It is time to get back on track. We have had enough of a break. Plus as long as it is warm we will work in the morning and swim in the afternoon!