Monday, July 11, 2011


Gosh, I have been having those kinda days where you just shake your head!
First, like I mentioned we got home from the 4th of July fireworks and nighbors had called the cops, then my nighbor's in forecloser home burnt to the ground. Then the new stuff that has been happening, my goats got loose (which in the past has gotten us a visit from the animal control officer), then I find a guy laying on the ground next to the stop sign! I was afraid to go up to him wasn't sure if he was drunk, drugged out or sick. Around my area you just never know what is going on so I called the police. Some guy in a golf cart pulled up and took the guy away. The cop showed up and I told him and he drove around and found the fellow, it seems he has a medical condition and shouldn't be out walking around. Well wouldn't you know it about a half hour later there is the guy again walking down the street stubbling and falling, luckly the cop hadn't left the area and I think he took the guy home again. THEN the biggie for me is that my husband hasn't worked at all last week, and they never called him for this week either! We were thrown for a loop since he has been working not full time every week but enough to get us by and now this. It seems like all of a sudden people are starting to feel the effects of the economy again especially in our area there just are no jobs... It's hard to explain how good things were going and now it is like we got slammed against the wall. My husband shuts down instead of calling the boss and pesting him till he finds something for him or calls some other guys to see what jobs they might have he just goes into zombie mode. I'm like there is no time for zombie mode... we have $167.00, no food stamps (we stopped them when he started working), and all the other bills needing to be paid especially the $150.00 electric bill (pretty much all other bills I'm just going to have to put aside). I also have the horses, goats & tons of dogs that I need to take care of too. He hasn't worked long enough to collect unemployment so that is out, we really seem to be back in a pickle again! If you could send your prayers our way I would appreciate them - Thanks for listening : )


Phyllis said...

I am sorry you are having such difficult times.

Rhonda said...

Prayers are being sent for you and your family. I hope that things look up for all of you very soon.

Donna said...

Thanks Phyllis & Rhonda I LOVE you guys!!!