Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Things Get Tough The Tough Get Going!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last week of July... August is only a few days away.
Things have been topsy turvy here but aren't they always : )
Sometimes I think I am at my best when I feel the ship sinking.
My husband's boss told him on the 20th that there just isn't any more work and he doesn't see anything coming up any time in the near future either.
Sooooo here we sit with no income and running out of money quick, I signed up for food stamps again and cash assistance.
For the cash my husband & I need to do 25hrs each of community service every week. The problem we are facing is before your claim can be opened/approved you need to start your community service which of course means we need gas to get to the community service areas and when you are on your last $40.00 it tough to use it up on gas without knowing if we will be approved or not for the cash.... but I did find a no kill animal shelter down town that I am looking into to do our service at (I want to make sure my husband & I can both do our hours at the same time otherwise we will be using way to much gas).
Which brings me to the problem of Kelly home alone for at least 5 hours every day! That just does not sit well with me at all. She is 16 and is capable of being alone but as you know our area is not the best and things are ALWAYS happening around here. I keep telling myself this is only going to be for a short while until God willing some work comes thru for my husband. We take a few classes next week, We have to put together a resume - I told the lady the last time I worked outside the home was 25 years ago! She just looked at me like what planet have I been living on.... I just have to bite the bullet and get thru all this!!


Jessica said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Phyllis said...

Hope things go well with the volunteering.

Fatcat said...

Can you take Kelly with you? You could count that as homeschooling, I'm sure!

I hope things get better and your husband's work picks back up!

Jennifer said...

Have Kelly volunteer with you. It'd be a great experience for her. Maybe she can eventually even get a paying job there of some sort?