Thursday, August 4, 2011

Honest I Am Not Making This Up

Hope everyone is enjoying this first week of August!
August is one of those months where your mind starts to race because it's like the hump month, We are moving away from summer into the "Back to School" time of the year. I can't wait to flip a couple of pages on the calendar just so we can get some cooler weather!!!!
This week has been one crazy week for sure : )
First I did some time over at the animal shelter and loved it! I have not worked outside of the home in such a long time I had forgotten how it feels to put a days work in where someone appreciates you. On the flip side I didn't have enough gas money to go back down town for the resume class on tues. I waited and went down yesterday for another class and they said I need to get the resume class in before they can even begin to take a look at if I qualify or not for the money assistance..... It costs me roughly $10.00 each time I go down town for gas and they now want me to come back on tues. this is all so crazy if I had the money to blow I wouldn't be asking for assistance.
Anyway, On to the "Honest I am not making this stuff up" list:
We had a three foot rat snake in out bathtub! I pulled the curtain over and there he was, I shut the curtain and ran and got Kelly. I tried getting him into a garbage can but he kept slithering out, of course he started to get mad at me and became really wiggly and moving all over the place. At that point I closed the bathroom door and put a towel under the door... I had know idea what we should do. I called my neighbor down the street and asked him if he had something I could use and he said he would come up and get the snake for me "Halleluia"! He came down right away and picked the snake up with a towel and took him away.... He said he saw a crack in my tub drain where the snake must have gotten in. I now stick paper towel in the hole when we are not showering just to make sure we don't have any more visitors!
Then on the same day as the snake episode I got stung again by a scorpion, This was not my first time but it sure hurt worst then the last time. I had alittle swelling but that was about all.
My neighbor behind us also was caught by the police for drugs, but you wouldn't know it he is still there. I would have thought he would have gotten some jail time since this is NOT his first time getting caught. I just shake my head on how some people just get away with things!
I know this all sounds like I am writting a suspense novel but it's not it's my life : )

On the Schooling Front, Kelly's computer friends all go back to school on Monday so she really wants to get back to school work also. We have already started the Swiss Family Robison book but the copy we are using has alot of tough uncommon words which is making for a slow go of it. I am thinking of switching to an easier version of it. I would rather her enjoy the book then to be put off by the wording...
Since I am not able to get any new books for this years school year I have been going thru the bookshelf and am just going to use what ever we have. I have had for many years a copy of "The Story of Mankind" that we may use, not sure yet (Have any of you used it?).
I need to plan so Kelly can do some of the work on her own when I am out at the animal shelter. Kelly can't go with me to the shelter because someone needs to stay home and keep our dogs quiet since the episode with the neighbors calling the cops. It's funny the animal shelter I worked at is in a residental area with neighbors closer then mine and the dogs there bark non stop all day but yet none of the nighbors complain, I guess they all feel she is doing such a fantastic thing helping these dogs find new homes they over look it.

My son called and wants to take Kelly to his house for the weekend, We have a tropical storm Emily that will be skirting the coast the waves by his house are going to be huge for our area. My husband & I are going to the shelter tomorrow but I am hoping she can go down Sat. & Sun. to have some fun away from here for alittle while anyway....

Have a Fantastic Day Today!!!


Phyllis said...

I am sorry the snake scared you so. He was probably seeking water.
I have heard good things about the Story of Mankind.

sunshineperri said...

Just now reading all your posts! Life has been hard for you!! Have you gotten ahold of the layer in PA?? I would keep on trying! Did they leave you anything??? Just hoping maybe some good will come from that to help you out!!

Donna said...

Thank you Phyllis & Bunny for commenting!
I really appreciate all my blogging buddies!!!
You all are the best : )