Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wed. Mid-Week Up-date

My in-laws heard back from the doctors yesterday and the lump my mother-in-law found on her breast is cancer.... She has to go for tests and then they are thinking surgery thurs.. At 78 I'm not sure how well she will do with going thru surgery and then being able to fight off the infections that seem to accur afterwards but I guess time will tell.

My washing machine broke, the motor won't go on any longer. I tell you I miss that machine already : ( I have been doing a few items by hand, but it is alot of work. Not sure when I will be able to get another one, I hope soon.

My husband didn't get called back for work this week which has been a huge bummer! The kicker is when the guy had called him for work he said they were swamped with work.... My husband worked 4 days last week and then has been off since - What happend to being swamped????? I sure hope they call him back to work next week!

School is going well, We are not at full roll yet but just starting up Kelly's engines... : )
It sure is something about all these earthquakes! I worry about California when I hear other areas are shifting.... And then we have hurricane Irene, I don't think she will be a problem for our area of Florida, but looks like the Carolina's could have some issues from her. Hurricanes can be so unpredictable we just have to keep a close eye on her.

Have a wonderful day!!

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