Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Is It? A Dog or A Rabbit? : )

Can't you tell Kelly needs to get back to school work.... This girl has too much time on her hands, That is Reba her dog/rabbit : )

It sure is Hot today here in Florida, We have been getting up into the high 90's with the heat index over 102! It is wayyyy to hot to go outside, our poor horses hardly move at all they just stand under the canopy tent we have out there for them and just sweat : ( I swear you won't hear me complain not once this winter about it being cold!!! These hot temps have got to go!

I can't wait for our copy of Mystery of History to get here.... I LOVE history it is my all time favorite thing to learn about. No matter how many times I go over a time period there is always something new to learn about it. Kelly is going to be none to happy about us going back to the beginning of history again (I tried to get there last year but we went a bit more indepth with modern history then I had thought).

They shut off our tv and our internet should be off by tomorrow or Monday so we are going to have alot of time to start school work : )

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, Stay cool!!

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Fatcat said...

I hope you'll still get to go somewhere and blog so you can keep us updated!

Will you turn your internet back on? The internet I have, which is terribly, terribly slow, is only 10.00 a month. It's called Localnet.