Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Low Can You Go!

Just when I think we can sink no lower we go even lower!
If dealing with my mother-in-laws breast cancer isn't enough this week we received in the mail that if we don't pay our property taxes it will be put up for tax sale....Yikes! The past few years when we received our property tax bill we have been in survival mode thinking that the next year will be better and we will use our income tax check to pay it off..... Well each year comes and each year goes and it had gotten no better then the last one so we now find ourselves three years behind in our property tax. We owe $3,266.22 due by Aug. 31st.! I guess they will take a one year payment by that date to stop the tax sale, but that would be alittle over a $1,000 which we don't have either. It is amazing how you think things are bad but in a split second it can be so much worse!!!! Not sure how all this will play out, I have looked into if there are any org. in my county who help out with past due tax bills but haven't been able to find any yet. You would think with my county still having a 14.7% unemployment rate and many who have been unemployed for over a year would have some kinda program so I will keep looking....
Please say a prayer that things work out.... Thank you!


Jennifer said...

I hate to say this but can you sell your horses to good homes to pay off the debt so that you don't lose everything? Or can you take in horses at your place for boarding costs? Or can you move in with your in-laws to help take care of her during her treatments and help you all out with a place to live if there is no other way?

Jennifer said...

Have you looked at this for help?

Rhonda said...

Jennifer had some very nice ideas. No one wants to lose their home and I sure hope that you find a way to make the payments. Praying.

Donna said...

Thanks Jennifer & Rhonda for your comments!
You can not give horses away in our area, even the rescue places are overloaded with all kinds of animals. They have stated that most all the animals going to the shelters are now put to sleep due to overcrowding so I will hold off as long as I can before I take my animals there.
I don't know what the time frame would be after it goes to tax sale for us to get out... but if it comes to that I am sure something will come up and we will find some where to live.
I am praying for a miracle!
Thanks again for litening to my constant troubles, You guys are sweethearts : )

Fatcat said...


Try Modest Needs,
Maybe they can help.

In the meantime, I will pray!

Jennifer said...

I've heard of a lot of those auctions where someone buys the home in an auction but then just rents the place out to the original homeowners so even if it does go to auction there is a chance that you could just rent your place back.