Monday, August 8, 2011

Lawyer Issue, Any Ideas????

Okay I'm getting a bit worried now about this lawyer issue.
He never called back on friday even after I told the secretary I have been leaving messages for a month now. I checked on the computer and his address and phone number are all correct and the same info. that was given to me on the letter that he sent me.
But really why would he not want to talk with me to get this case closed????
It is a simple will (as far as the info. I know of), So I can not for the life of me understand why he is dragging his feet.
I then thought that there might some time restraint that he was trying to get to (the lady died Sept. 2009) so we are closing in on two years now. I checked again and some states do have time restraints on probate wills but not seeing how that will effect in this instance.
He as the other co-executor must be getting paid from the estate for his services so maybe he wants to draw it out as long as possible????
I'm thinking of sending a letter to his office that he will need to sign for just to cover my bases to show I have been trying to get this case moving.
My husband is thinking we might need to contact a lawyer to deal with this issue since we are all getting that feeling in the gut that something is just not feeling right about this entire thing, Of course money will be the issue getting a lawyer.
Any ideas from you all on what I should do about this will issue? The lawyer and will in question are up in PA. which adds to the problem.
Thanks for you help : )


Winnie said...

Try calling the PA Bar Association. Here is the link: They might be able to help you.

Winnie said...

gosh, I did it again. Sorry - this is Jessica from Teachable Moments. :-P

Fatcat said...

I don't know. My thought would be that he's just busy and has a lot of cases. This probably isn't a priority to him like it is to you. Still, a certified letter sounds like a good idea.