Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mid Week Up-date

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wed.!

Sure hope all those affected by Irene are hanging in there.... I know alot are still without power. Being a Floridian I know how that is, We were out for 5 days back in I think it was 2004 - It Sucks!

My mother-in-law made it thru her surgery just fine! I think she is even slated to come home today. It is amazing how fast the hospitals get you out now a days. My husband went down yesterday from 10am to 8pm and stayed with her and his father, never calling me once to let me know how she made out - He said there are no pay phones any where to be had in the hospital so he couldn't call.

As you know things are never dull here, so far this week our water heater broke. We are now taking cold showers, It sure does wake you up in the morning. We already have to go outside and turn the pump on from the pump house just to get the water into the house since the over flow tank broke awhile ago. So with the washer broke also, Kelly thinks God is making us use the information we had learned last year while watching all those dvd's about living in the different past time frames.

Then we had an episode with red ants by the tons climbing up the cable line which runs under the house up into Kelly's room! They were every where, all over her carpet. I poured bleach on the hole they were coming up from and it seemed to have stopped new ones from coming in but there were still massive amounts of ants already in her room. I decided to tear up her carpet, the carpet wasn't in great shape anyway and I figured she could never really feel comfortable in there thinking they might still be running around. I tore it out all by myself, I was kinda proud of myself it was a tough job since I had to use one of my steak knives to do the cutting. I cleaned the room up real nice and now she is painting the walls a pretty blue.

Just when I thought we had the red ants under control, I grabbed a cheeze doodle from the bag and got bit in the tongue by an ant. When I looked into the bag it was loaded with ants.... Gross! They had come in thru the front door walked over to the frig., climbed the frig. and got into the bag I had wrapped up on top. I was amazed how much trouble they had gone thru to get the cheeze doodles. I am not sure why the ants are coming into the house for food, it's not like we are having flooding or a drought here, There is plenty of food outside for them. Even tho they are so small their bite hurts real bad! You actually get welts from them and the bite area gets so itchy. I've been washing the floors with bleach and making sure no crumbs of food are left any where!

Like I said never a dull moment at our house : )


Phyllis said...

Sorry you are still out of power. We were out from Sat to Monday and that was bad enough. Hang in there!!

Donna said...

Hey Phyllis,
No, We aren't out of power - That we still have on for now.
I was reflecting back to the year we were out for a week due to one of the hurricanes that hit florida.
Glad you guys made it thru the storm okay! I was worried about you being in it's path.

Fatcat said...

I think borax kills ants.

As for the hot water, when our hot water heater was broken, we heated water on the stove and then, with a couple of pitchers full at the right temperature, stood in the shower stall and poured them on our heads. It's better than cold!!!!

Freakmom said...

Ew, ew, ew on the ants!

But on the plus side, Kelly retained and used what she learned in school last year. She applied it to the situation. That must make you very proud! I always love it when Violet remembers things that I thought she was barely listening to.