Friday, August 5, 2011

Freaky Friday

What a Friday I am having.... I love Fridays, they are the end of the work week and everyone is usually in such happy moods.

I got up early and took my husband over to meet up with a guy who he is going with to scout out some job possiblites, then I shot over to the animal shelter to get some hours in there and would you belive the gal never came to let me in : ( I called an waited, beeped, waited, called again (I had called Wed. night to let her know I would be there Friday). She has a gate blocking her driveway you need to know the key pad combo to get in, there is no intercome to beep her in the house. I'm not not sure what was up with that since she said she could use me every day I wanted to come over.... I always try and find the signs in things and it just seems like I am not supposta be going this route.

I called the lawyers office again this morning (I have called a number of times and left messages with the answering machine, remember I got the letter from this lawyer on June 22nd.). Today someone actually answered the phone! I asked to talk to the lawyer the girl asked who was calling and then got off the phone and then came right back on and said he was busy. I asked to be able to hold until he could get to me but she said no he would return my call at a later time. I told the gal I have been calling for over a month now, I could feel my fur start to go up. It is now almost 2pm and still no return call....

I said heck with it all and Kelly went down to my son's house, She NEEDED to get away from all of our problems! She wasn't feeling very well this morning but went away anyway. I'm glad, I hope she has a wonderful time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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