Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts On Cursive Writting

I received this article from my homeschool group, It talks about how as a nation we no longer are teaching/learning to cursive write and the impact in may or may not have on future generations.
I have never stressed cursive writting in our homeschool day, I have come to feel that everything is done on computer so there was no need for Kelly to learn more then her signature (which honestly you hardly ever need any more either).
In reading the article it does bring up some good points, that if you don't really learn it you are not able to read it and some of our nations most historical documents are in script. I really think more and more people are using the internet/computers for letters, e-mails, journals/diarys, ect so not many paper letters are sent out anymore. Most all reports are required to be typed so you wouldn't be using it there either. I may be wrong and this is just my opinion but I think cursive writting is a thing of the past which we will not be using in the future kinda like checkbooks, postal mail to name a few other examples, I guess time will tell.
Either way it was an interesting article, if you get a chance take a peek at it.

Have a great evening all!

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Phyllis said...

You can learn to read it without writing it. Just practice reading it like you would practice reading any foreign language.