Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!!

No, It's not Cousin It.... It's my daughter Kelly and her many different hairdos : )

I have fantastic news to share with you all!!!! My husband starts work on Monday - Whoooo Hoooo!!!!!

Not sure how long the job is for but heck anything right no is a blessing for sure.

I hate to even write about it because I don't want to jinx it but I have to share : )

I do have to say this past month I have learned alot about myself, when the chips are down I can pull the boot straps up and get the ship floating again.

Since I haven't worked outside of the home for over 25 years I was scarred that I was useless in the job market to be honest with you. I have found I do have some skills that can make me money if need be which I think has really given me an uplift.

Well enough of me going on about that....

I have been re-reading "You can teach your child successfully" by Ruth Beeschick, I really enjoy that book! I read it when we first started to homeschool but in my haste I don't think I really digested what she was saying. This time around I am really listening to her words and am picking up alot of tips I over looked.
You know when I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in homeschooling and working with all that is happening around here, I was sooooo sad. You know what they say you don't appreciate what you have until it is gone. Now that I have been given another shot at it I really am hoping to make it better for both Kelly & I. One thing that I really have to address is that Kelly & I both like to learn in different ways and I find it very hard to switch off of what feels so right for me to switch to a way I feel uncomfortable with (does that make any sense???).

I just want to say I LOVE homeschooling : )

P.S. - On a side note, I was scheduled to work at the animal shelter on Sat. for an hour to clean the cat cages. Since my husband needs the car to meet the boss tomorrow I texted the gal at the shelter telling her I can't make it that my husband has found work and I will let her know how things work out. I told her I will call her Monday to let her know if I will be able to work there or not. I wanted to make sure this job pans out as we hope it will before closing the door on my working. The girl just texted me and said "What Ever"! Sooo I guess working there will be out in the future, she must be mad at me but she knows they goal of the cash assistance program is to get people back to work.... I tell ya I have tried to follow all of the program requirements that have been asked of me and to be honest you have to jump thru hoops to get this cash assistance which we still as of yet have not seen a dime of (signed up July 21st.) and I still get the short end of the stick..... Oh well God willing we will not have to go that route in the future!


Fatcat said...

"when the chips are down I can pull the boot straps up and get the ship floating again."

I'm so proud of you! I hope your husband's job works out great. Meanwhile, if you need to, you can work and homeschool. I've done it for years now.

Donna said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!!! Our problem is we only have one car so I can not continue to work outside the home like I have been doing since my husband will be using the car. You are amazing being able to do both, the few days I was juggling just thinking about doing both had me in a tizzy...
Thanks again for your comments : )