Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Thursday Morning!

Hope you'll are enjoying the month of August... It's almost half way gone already - Yikes!

I have good news to share with you, We are getting a copy of Mystery of History vol 1 Whooo Hoooo! I know you think I'm nuts getting excited over a book but I was so hoping to be able to use that book this year.

We still haven't got down to the nuts and bolts of school work yet : ( I worked at the animal shelter Monday & Wed. from 8am to 12 noon but it sure throws my entire day off. I have to fingure out a way to juggle everything....

I still haven't filled out our school paper work from this past school year so I need to get that done and get her paper work in for this year too! York Christian Academy only charges $30.00 for the year to sign Kelly up so I am hoping to get that paid when I get my first cash assistance check to make sure that is all taken care of for this up coming school year.

My chickens looked so cute sitting together up on the goat house door that I took this picture, I need to take some shot to show you how much the baby chickens have grown... they have turned out to be 4 really beautiful hens!

Enjoy the day!!!!

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