Friday, August 19, 2011

An Up And Down Week

Here we are at Friday again....
This weeks up-date sure has its ups and downs.
We started school on Monday and it went very well, We are starting to dig into the Swiss Family Robinson book. I love that I have two copies so Kelly can read along when I'm reading and I can see the words she is having trouble with when she is reading. I was going to get a different version of the book since there are alot of words that are causing trouble for Kelly (and for me too) but our libray had no other copy with 2 books available. Being that we are major animal lovers there sure is alot of animal killing in the book so far - Yikes! The book seems to have captured Kelly interest already which is always a good thing : )
We also did some math worksheets, Yes I said math worksheets. I know it's hard to belive but I got my child to actually do some. I'm starting out with very easy problems to try and get her motivated. Hey, I'm just happy we got some math done at this point.
She also worked on some spelling words, Still not sure what we are doing with that. Like I have said she can get thru the week of working on the words and do well on the test but by the next week they fly right out of her brain. I'm thinking of working more on vocabulary instead but she asked for spelling words and when my child asks for work heck ya I'm giving it to her : )
As the week went on our days were not as good, Kelly felt kinda sick and was a crank pot. We had some issues with the dog warden asking for proof of my dogs rabies shot which my daughter-in-law and I can't seem to find so Toby has to go Sat. for a rabies shot. They happen to be running a low cost shots clinic in my area for only $10.00 Whoo Hoo! It was looking like we were going to have to pay for a vet visit plus the shot which was in the area of almost $50.00.
On to very sad news, My mother-in-law found a lump on her breast and went and got it checked out and had tests done on it. The doctor says it doesn't look good but they won't know for sure until the tests get back next week. She is in her late 70's so I'm not sure what options they will be giving her. The poor women is a wreak, I've told her to think only positive thoughts nothing is for sure yet. This is such a blow since my father-in-law was diagnosed with the onset of alzheimer's recently : (
One other note, Would you belive my husband is off of work today already! This is the kinda thing that drives me batty... Just when I think we are able to breathe again it all goes out the window. I had called and cancelled the cash assistance since he was back to work & notified them of his working so they may cut off the food stamps. My husband is not sure if he is working Monday or not either so it looks like we are back on this roller coaster again.
No one said life was going to be easy.... With God's help we will get thru all this! Better days are comming!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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