Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heard From Lawyer.....Up-Date

I finally heard back from the lawyers office!
What a load off my mind... as everything thing else in my life lately he said I am not mentioned in the will : ( I was sooooo hoping to use that money to MOVE away from this HELL HOLE but I guess that is not going to happen now. I am kinda thrown why the ladies would make me a co-executor and not mention me in the will but of course it is there wishes and I will continue to try and get this completed for the ladies.


Jennifer said...

Can you get a copy of the will? Just to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Donna said...

Jennifer I had the same thought, of course he is the lawyer who wrote the will up so he has had full control over it. I no not think it was a good idea for my lady friends to have had the same lawyer who wrote the will up as the co-executer. I will ask for a copy of the will just to see what it looks like.
Thanks for posting!