Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cool Looking Science Curriculum!

I was reading a few blogs last night and found this cool looking website about a science curriculum: Elemental Science. It's not too expensive and looks like it is alot of fun. When things turn around for us I would love to buy the (logic stage) biology curriculum it looks awesome : ) Just thought I would share in case some of you are on the fence about what science course you are going to use this year this might be an option for you.
Have a great day!


Nicole said...

This looks very interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And, STALK all you want!! That's the whole reason I blog anyway (other than the good records it allows me to keep).

I hope I have some ideas on there that you can use. Unfortunately we were winding down when we got to Swiss Family Robinson, so I don't think we did much, if anything, to go along with it. We just read it.

Have a great day!

Freakmom said...

Thanks for posting this link. I'd never seen it before. I've saved it and will look into getting when we run out of our current science.