Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Fall : )

Can you belive we are at Sept. 23rd already!
The first day of fall..... time sure is flying by!
Remember to keep an eye out for the pieces of satellite that will be returning to earth today, with my luck I'll get hit with a piece :-0
My husband has been off again this week, but the boss called him to go into work today and tomorrow. He has been so nasty word wize this week it almost brought me to tears a few times but I try not to show it in front of Kelly..... I know the stress of loosing his mother, our house going up for property tax sale, not knowing from one day to the next if he will be working is driving him nuts but I still don't understand why he feels it's okay to lash out swearing and nasty talk in front of Kelly about it! This is her life and we have really let her down in soooo many ways already! We actually live one day at a time here, I can't let myself look any further and I sure as hell try not to talk about it with Kelly. Most 16 year olds are thinking of getting a car, parties, trips and concerts ect. they sure aren't having to worry about the stuff Kelly has to deal with. Her brother bought her a video game that she has been totally focused on which I am so thankful for, just something to make her happy for alittle while during the day.
Sorry this post turned into another venting post just when I wrote that we are going into the cooler weather made me think of what may happen soon....
But I have today, my husband is out of the house, the sun is out and I haven't gotten hit my any flying debris yet so it is all good : )


Fatcat said...

I'm sorry about the crappy stuff. :-( I hope you don't end up losing your house!

You just can't regret everything you can't give your kids because there will be things. We've lived on a shoestring for a long time and sometimes it has really bothered me. They'll be okay, as long as they know they are loved.

Donna said...

Thank you Fatcat for commenting, I really appreciate your taking the time to respond!

Jennifer said...

I admire how positive you have been able to stay through all this hard stuff. You're doing a great job! I sure hope things get easier soon.