Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You know when you thought the day was going to go one way but you got the exact opposite - That was the kinda day I had today.
Yesterday was a day I dream of when homeschooling, their were smiles, learning, actual interest in what we were learning just a geat day and to top it off my husbands boss called and said one of the guys quit so if he wanted the full time position - Hell ya!
Running off of that high from yesterday the day started off nicely I got an e-mail from my blogging buddy Phyllis and as always she was very helpful. I was all gun hoe and we got the day rolling and hit one brick wall after another : ( Not the day I had invisioned at all. THEN here my husband is now considered a "full" time worker and the boss said no need to come in I'll call you tomorrow if I find something for you..... He has worked only one day this week - Yikes!
I guess it just the roller coaster of my life, I gotta roll the good with the bad.
Heck for one day there I thought just maybe my luck was changing - Maybe tomorrow!

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