Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tues. Up-date : )

Thank you for all the condolences about my mother-in-law's passing!
I am still amazed at how one week your here and the next your not.... I see her facebook page and her e-mails in my in box and think how is it possible that she is gone, but I guess that is the story of life.....
We have been trying to get school work done and Kelly actually said "I need to get up earlier so we can get more school work in", I almost fell on the floor! With things so stressful here will ALL that is going on I am not really pressing Kelly with any type of schedule. We get in as much school work each day as we can and just start from that point the next day which is all I can ask from her right now.
Science: We started reading one of our Forensic Science books we got from the library "Fingerprints, Bite Marks. Ear Prints by Angela Libal what a disappointment! Kelly & I are very interested in forensic science and we both found the book to be to dry and just plan old boring : ( I have gotten a ton of these books out for our forensic science study so I will need to scrap them and look for something else. I see Simple Schooling has a forensic science curriculum that looks like something we might try, right now it is half price only $8.50 but of course I would need to also buy ink for the printer roughly another $13.00 so we will see.
History: Still loving Mystery of History! We are cruising along, I think we need to slow down a bit on that tho - I LOVE history and can spend the entire day on that for sure so I have to watch myself.
Math: She has done some worksheets but that is about all.
Reading: LOVING Swiss Family Robinson! I will be so sad when we get done with it. We are about half way, but here again since I ran out of ink for the printer I can't print out any more pages of the fantastic Easy Fun School unit study that we have been using which has added alot of fun to the reading so we will need to slow down on that also.
The rest of our schooling plans are falling by the way side right now but I hope to get us on rolling soon, If we can just have one week without something happening maybe we can focus our minds on schooling : )
Have a great day!!

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Phyllis said...

I know how you feel about your mother-in-law. Recently an old friend of mine (since I was about 4years old) died of pneumonia. It was sudden and suprising. I still had emails from him I hadn't gotten a chance to answer.
Then Steven's accident. I mean he is still alive, of course, but his sudden inability to even walk made me realize how quickly our lives can change.
I have a forensic science unit on my blog.