Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thurs. Up-Date

Hope everyone is enjoying this fine Thursday morning!
My prayers go out to all those being affected by the flooding going on... We used to live up in NY./PA. so hoping everyone stays safe up there.
I was blessed this week by an angel! Paige from Elemental Science sent me a digital download copy of the biology logic stage curriculum book that I was so hoping for : ) I am amazed at how blogging has brought me in touch with so many wonderful caring & giving people!! Thanks again Paige!! I can't wait to get going on it, I contacted my library to see if I can get some of the spines that are needed for the curriculum by inter-library loan just waiting back to hear.
Nothing new on the work front for my husband : ( I haven't been able to sleep at all from worry which makes me a crank pot all day but thank goodness Kelly is going to spend a few days down at my son's house. I just have to leave it all in Gods hands and trust it will all work out.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!!

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