Monday, September 12, 2011

Get Your Rulers Out!

Okay, You all can get your rulers out and slap my knuckles!
I have had since mid-day Friday and here we are at Monday morning and I still haven't worked on our homeschooling schedule like I said I was going to do!!!!!
I can't belive how fast the days are just whizzing by.... I have gotten nothing done. I have to blame the internet : ) I just get taken to so many ideas, tips, websites ect. that I spend the day reading, searching new ideas and lose my goal of getting our day more organized and flowing.
I have made one decision, since I can not inter-library loan the "Encyclopedia of Nature" by DK publishing for more then a month I will have to put a hold on using the biology curriculum until I can get a copy of that book. In the mean time I have decided we will study Forensic Science for awhile, I think Kelly will love it! My library has a number of books on the topic which I have requested and I am searching for unit studies to go with them. Other than that I have made no progress on the schedule : (
Kelly comes back sometime tomorrow and I better get my butt in gear and get something down on paper.... Right after I read the new blog entries for today on all the wonderful blogs I follow : )
Have a great day & Don't forget to check out the Harvest Moon tonight!

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