Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home Alone : - 0

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Sat.!
The weather here in my part of Florida has cooled a bit which is such a welcome change.... don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we are breaking out the pants or anything : )
I am home all alone today... and I am loving it! I have no car, no phone (we ran out of minutes), no husband and no daughter - Home Alone : - 0
I slept in late, got up and ate a chocolate chip muffin with a can of diet pepsi, took a cold shower (still have not been able to replace water heater) and am sitting at my computer which still has internet (for today anyway) - Life is GOOD!
My goal today is to try and get our homeschool day scheduled better and have it run more smoothly.
My library contacted me about the "Encyclopedia of Nature" book that I need for our science curriculum we are going to use, she said they do inter-library loan with the library that has the book but that I would only be able to keep it out for 4 weeks and then it would need to be returned to them : ( That stinks, so not sure I am going to spend the $2.oo to request it. I am going to look thru the lessons and see if I can just use "The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia" that I have.
Got a ton of books out from the library that my husband picked up yesterday, I love getting books from the library I love looking thru them and soaking the info. up (I know what can I say the little things in life makes me happy). I need to schedule them in to our day which should add a little zest to it. Our schedule has been alittle to dry and hum drum for Kelly's liking.
Kelly doesn't come back from my son's house until sometime on Monday so I have a few days to try and get the schedule spiffed up and purring along.
Enjoy the day : )

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