Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Last Monday of September to You All : )

Hope everyone had a wondeful weekend!
My Monday is starting off slow, It's 12:00 o'clock and my love muffin daughter just rolled out of bed.... Yikes that's going to throw the whole day off for sure.
I had som time on my hands so I thought I would share a site with you that I found that lists some selections and study guides for some Classic Literature. Now that we are over the hump on Swiss Family Robinson - We just finished the chapter where the snake eats the donkey : ( I am looking to see which book we will read next. It is sad that I haven't read a large number of the listed classics either so I hope we can tackle a few this year.
Okay now that the child has rolled out of bed she takes a quick look at her computer and heads over to play Dragon Age 2, the video game she is now obsessed with. If I could only get her to focus that much attention on school work it would be a breeze : 0 )
We have been invaded by "love bugs" again this year, I think it is the most we have seen since moving down here 8 years ago. I guess I should get my butt in gear and whip up a nature study on them while there are here.
Still stuggling with our school scheduling (You would think since we don't have a car and never go any where that we would be able to stick to a schedule but no...).
Some days we get reading Swiss Family Robinson and just keep going with it and by pass everything else which throws me all off. I need to get my mind wrapped aound it all and just buckle us both down.
Here I am talking about scheduling and I haven't even gotten Kelly registered yet for the 2011-2012 school year! I need to get that done by October 31st. - I better check on that date to be sure, wouldn't want that problem on top of everything else! I just need to get the $30.00 together and fill out the paper work for what we accomplished last year (I know it's terrible I haven't gotten it filled out yet but for some reason that seems like such and undertaking for my mind that I have been putting it off).
Well I'm going to make some lunch and try and get this girl to hit the books : )
Have a great day!!

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Phyllis said...

Schooling teens can be tricky. :) Mine is trying to set his own schedule...we shall see how that goes.