Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Monday Morning : )

Sure is cold here in Florida this morning!!!! I slept with my sweat pants & sweat shirt on.... We haven't thrown on the heat yet but if it was up to me I would have had it on. Too Cold!!!!!

You know how our computer has a virus on it so we have to baby it along to be able to use it. Well I tried to download a coloring book that was sent to me in one of my yahoo groups, it must have had another virus attached to it and it made the computer a hundred times worse : ( I have been working on it trying to get it repaired enough so we can use it.... so far this morning it is working okay.

To top off the weekend my in-laws stopped by on Sat..... I went to greet them and can you imagine my father-in-law walked right past me. My mother-in-law as least spoke to me, telling me how she can't find a used computer for Kelly at the garage sales she goes to... BUT they brought over a coffe maker for my husband, socks for my husband, golf mittens for my husbands golf clubs, and a few other things I can't think of. Can you imagine visiting your grand children and bringing gifts for their father and nothing (not even a piece of candy) for the kids - especially Kelly! They sat for a few minutes and said they are having a garage sale at their house on Thanksgiving weekend. I guess they are doing that so they don't have to have us over like every other year.... The whole time they were here they spoke of how many doctors appointments they have (my mother-in-law has swelling in her feet among many other problems which the doctors tested her for and can't find any thing wrong with her so she keeps going to one doctor after another). I mentioned my son bought a car, my father-in-law wanted to know how much he paid for it - my husband told him. Then he started in on our son about why he doesn't work 40 hours (Win Dixie doesn't let anyone work 40 hours). This man is just the crankiest person I have ever meet. They didn't even ask Kelly one question while they were here. Last night while I was sleeping I was wondering to myself do I e-mail my mother-in-law and tell her how wonderful it was to have them visit or do I just not e-mail and leave it at that? I am leaning towards not e-mailing them. As I have said before I can't figure these people out - I can not imagine having a garage sale instead of having your family over for Thanksgiving dinner! I forgot, When they were getting ready to leave my husband says to them that he may stop by on Sunday (they said they have work for him to do there), His mother goes I'll cook a pork up and we can have that for dinner not once inviting the kids to come also. I guess I carry on about them so much because my parents would have never treated family like that when they were alive...... As a side note: My husbad didn't work Sat. (He knew a guy who had work for him o do) or Sunday at my mother-in-laws...

On the school front, I went to the library on Sat. morning and got a ton of more books. I still do most of the reading during the day but I make sure Kelly is reading something - she just finished "Thanksgiving on Thursday". I have a number of easy reader books about the things we are covering about Florida - I am hoping one of these days she will catch the reading bug : ) Awhile back I had talked to one of my son's 12th grade teachers about her having the class "color pictures" during the day and she has said that she has found it to relax the class and that they take in the information she is teaching. I have been doing that with Kelly, at first I was worried she would not be paying attention to what I was reading but it really seems to help her focus in.

I hope everyone has a productive Monday - Enjoy!


FatcatPaulanne said...

My daughter didn't get the reading bug until she started reading the Warriors books. They're about wild cats and she loves them. Maybe your library has those. They're by Erin Hunter.

Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear about the in-laws. Your story sure made me thankful for the ones that I do have, even though some of them may not be my favorite.
There will come a day when your daughter will pick up that one book that she truly enjoys and then she will want to read more! Just give it some time.