Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Monday Already - Yikes!

Monday sure rolls around quick doesn't it? I am not ready for it : (
The weekend had it's ups and downs - I am getting a nice handle on cleaning the house. I worked my tail off in the livingroom and kitchen (It's all one big room). My husband walked in and said "It looks like "crap" (not the word he used), the table looks stupid against the wall" (I put it there because the floor is so stained I wanted to hide it). That kind of comment from him usually makes me stop what I am doing but this time I took in stride and tried to keep going with my cleaning. He was in and out of that type of mood, yelling at me about how much I spent on food AGAIN.... He doesn't keep track of what he spends but yells at me even though I can accout for every penny I spend (I thought if I could show him where the money goes he would stop yelling but it really makes no difference to him). Anyway, that's my life and I need to stop letting this negative person bring me down every day of my life!

On the school front, I have a nice week planned. We are starting our state study - We are starting with Florida : ) It is funny but when ever you even mention the name Florida in this house everyone has a comment.... We all hate it here. Kelly says as soon as she is old enough she is moving back to PA., My son says as soon as he finishes his police school he will try and look for a job some where else other then Florida. It makes me sad to hear them talk like that just because your childhood home should be a place where you can find refuge in not want to run from it.

Two more weeks and my son will have enough to put the down payment on the car he wants. I pray this all works out for him, He is soooo looking forward to it. I was just reading were Curcuit City has gone bankrupt, You have to wonder how many more stores after this holiday season is over may also go bankrupt... the economy is just so scary right now.

I do have one positive thing to talk about.... Our new homeschool schedule is really working out great! Our day starts at 1pm. and goes to 3pm. this way if Kelly wants to sleep till noon she can or I can do my computer work in the morning and then take a nap and we can both be fresh to start the school day at 1pm. I would have never figured how well this works but it does : )

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


sunshineperri said...

My first husband sounds like yours. Notice I said "first"!!! LOL!! Glad you are taking it in stride!!! I am so happy that Kelly is doing better with the new schedule. I found that our Walgreen's has the state quarter booklets for $1. If you can't find them let me know and I'll buy them and mail them to you!!
Keep your wonderfully happy attitude!!!

Sherri said...

I actually love favorite day of the week!!!
I'm glad your new schedule is working well for you. It makes all the difference in the world!