Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Veterans Day today! Of course we are off of school again today.... that deal I made with Kelly about going by the public school calender for days off is really coming back to bite me.

I am having one of those days already today where you can feel a cry is looming. I think it is because I read an article in our local newspaper that stated in a few months they anticipate alot more building/painter/plumbing contractors to go out of business. That a huge amount of the unemployed in our area are from these fields of work and alot more workers will be added to that unemployed list. One other thing it mentioned that the highest amount you can get when you make a claim for unemployment is I think it said $265.00 and you have to jump through hurdles here in Florida to get that little bit... It is scary not knowing week to week if my husband will have a job or not. It always seems so much worse for me around the holidays : ( Last year Kelly qualified for the Toys for Tots program (those were the only gifts she got plus a special gift from one of my blogging buddies and her grandparents), my son got nothing. This year she is to old for that program so I hope to at least be able to get our old computer fixed (my mother-in-law I geuss hasn't be able to find one at the garage sales she goes to) for her as at least one gift.

My son asked me this morning to call the car insurance company to see what our policy amount will be taking my husbands van off and adding the car he wants to get on - I mentioned to him that we haven't been able to pay the insurance bill as of yet, that we have a cancellation notice for that on the 22nd.. I felt so low. He said "Gosh Mom, you are sucking all the fun out of getting this car". He went over to the calender and saw that all three of our bills for the month electric ($253.02), phone/cable/internet ($297.98 - We owe two months but if we pay them $150.00 they will keep our service on) & the insurance ($75.75) have not been paid yet! He shook his head and left for work, I never thought in my life time things would be so bad for so long money wize.

Oh well, It's sunny and really pretty outside already this morning maybe a good walk or outdoor project will do me good... I also want to say I really appreciate having all you blogging buddies to share our ups and downs with : )

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