Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thurs., It sure has been a fast week!

Good Thursday morning to you all!
My husband had no work yesterday so that always throws are school schedule off but we got a nice days worth of work done. We started that States Study and it isn't going as smoothly as I had invisoned : ( I will have to tweek it and see why it is so jumbled. We also are reading a number of Thanksgiving books - I was going to do a full unit on them but I am now thinking just reading some of the books we got from the library you get a really good background of what things were like for them ect. We also got a few state post cards in the mail yesterday which has been turning into alot of fun. I think we are finally on the home streach of the Civil War.... by the end of next week we should have that wrapped up (I hope). I bought a few pieces of the huge poster board paper at the dollar store for .40 cents each - I was thinking of writting Civil War in the middle of it and have her print out pictures of people and events from the war and hang it in the school room as a wrap up.

We went yesterday to look at that car my son has his heart set on. When we got there would you belive someone had put a pretty big dent & scratch into it since my husband and son had looked at it last. To say my son was disappointed was an understatement! We went and looked at a few other places (I was really surprized at how many other people were also car shopping). Well he has found two possiblities - one is a silver mustang and the other is a dark burgandy jeep. The mustand is a newer better conditon car but he will have payments of $50.00 a week for 2 years - the jeep the payments are the same but only for a year (of course car insurance is a factor also because he has to carry collison while he is paying it off). He is mulling it over, this is one of his first big decision he will have to be making in his life time. I worry because of the way the economy is but he does need a good working car to get back and forth down to Daytona Beach where the police academy is. My husband and son are going this evening to test drive both cars to see if that helps him make a decision. He is now thining he may need to stay working at Winn Dixie and do the police academy nights and on Sat. - they have a evening class that starts in March. He has alot to think about, I pray that he will be guided in the right direction for all of this.

I just wanted to mention this conversation my husband had with Kelly yesterday. We had gotten our work done in about two hours yesterday, He says to her "Is that all your doing today"? She said, "Yes, I worked very well today and got everything Mom wanted to cover done". She was proud of herself (you know from my posts how we have struggled in the past and are now just actually hitting our stride with homeschooling). My husband says to her "I sure hope you marry a rich guy".... I felt sooooo sad for Kelly : ( Can you imagine her own father is saying to her basically she is not going to make much of herself in life that she will need a "rich" guy to have her succeed. I was floored he said that and just quickly brushed it off to another topic. Later late in the evening before we went to bed Kelly asked me as we were throwing hay to the horses "Mom, I am doing pretty good with the school work, aren't I". I told her she was going just great. I tell you it brought a lump up in my throat though that here my baby must of been thinking over what her father said to her all night and she was feeling very uneasy with it : ( I have to do more to pump Kelly's self esteem up, I don't want her thinking she isn't a treasured important person that has many opportunites in life!!!!!


Rhonda said...

I was floored at the comment your husband made to your daughter. Why would any Father want to say that to his daughter? Poor baby. To hear her question herself just brought tears to my eyes. I know that he is your husband, but shame on him for saying those words to her. Give your daughter a big hug for me and definitely boost her self-esteem. Do not let her Father make her second guess herself. That is just sad.

Jamie Allen said...

I know that I do not know you, so for me to give advice makes me uneasy. So, instead, I am making a statement...
Men do not see that their words can be taken in a different meaning to a woman or a girl. They think that they can say just about anything to us and assume that we understand that they are just joking around. Clearly your daughter has had her feelings brought into question over the statement made by your husband. You need to tell him, in a loving way, that he has said something to his daughter that has made her question herself, and that maybe he should speak to her about it. It is very possible that he doesn't even realize that he has hurt her feelings. My husband has said some things to me before and didn't even see that it hurt my feelings. You need to address this before she suffers anymore with her self esteem.
Well, I tried not to give my advice, but it seemed to have poored out of me. Sorry.