Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!

Whew, Glad that holiday is over..... I cleaned and cooked "wait" is that a holiday????? Anyway, It was wonderful to have my son & daughter-in-law over for dinner. My husband called his father and he had plans with his neighbors and friends, He is doing very well since the passing of my mother-in-law. I asked my husband to invite a friend/former co-worker of his over (this fellow like alot of folks around here hasn't worked in ages and is losing his house and his health from all the stress of it all) I didn't want him to be alone during the holiday but he said he had plans : ( Dinner I have to say turned out to be one of my worst to date, I burnt the rolls & the pumpkin pie! My son said "We are having Christmas at our house" I think that said it all about my cooking this year....
On another note, My son and daughter-in-law are inching to be moving out of Florida and they want us to follow them. Now you all know my thoughts on Florida, this state has brought us to our knees so I'm like where ever the heck you decide to go we will try and go with you. I just love that my son wants his family to be close to him : ) I must have done something right raising that boy! It turns out they are thinking of moving all they way back up north - Yuck! He actually wants to buy the 1st house we ever bought, the home he grew up in. It happens to be for sale and my son is crazed about getting it. The really funny thing is that the house right behind our 1st home is also for sale! He feels it is a sign from God that we are ment to be there together. Now remind you my son & daughter-in-law have not saved one dime towards buying a home yet.... So how he feels he can move on this I do not know. He is calling the realestate office today to ask more questions, I hate to be a negative nelly but they just aren't ready at this time but I guess it is wonderful to have dreams to strive for!!
In school news we are working on lesson 13 "Abraham" in our Mystery of History book. We are watching "The Bible Collection: Abraham" dvd. I wasn't sure how Kelly would like a "movie type" dvd on the topic, but she has been drawn in. She actually said to me "Mom, Don't forget we still have to watch the ending of that dvd." : ) What an amazing man and what trials he had to face... In the one part of the movie Lott (Abraham's nephew) and his family welcomed in strangers to their home, We talked how we treat stangers and to be honest we are very garded. I think most in society today are fearful of strangers but people are so nasty now adays you just don't know. We did think about how when our neighbor (who almost ran me over with his truck and the same family who calls the cops/animals control on us) lost thier dog they other day we helped them look for it. Not sure if the two tie into each other but we know we did a nice thing.
We also got on inter-library loan the two books we need for the Elemental Science Biology curriculum I was given. The funny thing is the one book came in right away and the second one took another week to get here so since the take out time is limited to 4 weeks we are really only down to 3 weeks so we need to get rolling on it! If it turns out that we enjoy it like I think we will, I will need to bite the bullet and buy those two books....
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today!!

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Happ Thanksgiving!