Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MOH Lesson #14 Jacob & Esau

We watched a dvd yesterday about "Jacob & Esau". Kelly was getting lost and it was hard to figure out who was who especially since it was so simular to the Abraham story. She looked at me when the story dealt with Jacob being with a total of 4 women whom he had children with.... Esau also had 4 wives and had many children with them also. We didn't go into more detail about that, I really didn't know what more to say about it.
We are getting a dvd on
"Sodom & Gomorrah" it is animated and geared towards children so we will see how that goes.
Before we get that dvd we have to watch
"Horton hears a Who!", No, Kelly nor I requested that video - my husband did! The other day at work the guys (men well over the age of 40) were discussing Horton and who he was. My husband had not heard of him and came home and asked me about him. When I said I had seen the dvd he wanted to get it. It really makes me wonder what else my husband and the "guys" talk about when they are at work - Yikes!!
Have a great day & God Bless!

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