Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday Morning To Ya!

Hope everyone is primed and ready for Thanksgiving.... only 3 days away - YIKES!
Being that Kelly & I are vegetarians, I was upset to have to buy a ham : ( But my son, daughter-in-law & husband are not in our frame of mind about meat so I will have to cook that for them. I saw a glimmer of hope tho from my son, he was telling me about the egg plant and the way they treat their chickens, he had seen a little bit of the video about it and he said "Mom it was BAD". Back when I was buying my baby chickens he thought I was crazy when I asked him if he wanted me to get extra so I could supply him and his wife with fresh eggs also, now he is like "Got any eggs Mom"?
I had a surprize outting on Sat. night my daughter-in-law came a picked me up and we went to the movies! I have not been to the movie theater is years so it was really nice to get out. We saw Breaking Dawn, it was okay but I liked the book a whole heck of alot better. I couldn't belive how expensive it was to get in $7.00 for each ticket and the 2 large sodas & large popcorn was another $14.00 - Yikes $28.00 dollars for a movie night.... just doesn't seem right : (
Kelly is still sick! It seems to be sticking with her and not letting go. She is a real crank pot when she is not feeling good so school work is on the back burner.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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