Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To The Mud Pit And Beyond : )

Our school day was rolling yesterday! We both got up early and the weather was fantastic! We had some computer time then we took a long walk and explored a "mud pit" back in the woods where some kids have started taking their 4 wheelers and older trucks to ride around in. It was a great outting : ) When we got back we finished up the "Abraham" dvd., I liked it. Kelly said being that is was a "movie" type dvd about the topic brought it more alive for her and she could understand it better. I just love when she says stuff like that..... : ) We read a bit more about Abraham in the History of Mystery book and then went on to our "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" book. We have a easy version of that book, so we are crusing right thru it. Kelly is enjoying it, of course not as much as the "Swiss Family Robinson" book.
We did a few other things also but the day went really well... Still lagging on math. I really want to get a copy of "Your Business Math Series: Pets" I know it states for 8-12 age group but I really think seeing how math is involved with any type of business you own or work at will help Kelly understand how impotant math is in life instead of the constant struggle we have each day just to do the basics.
Anyway, Hope everyone has a fantastic day today - God Bless!!

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Jennifer said...

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