Friday, April 4, 2008

Hey there blogging buddies,
I haven't posted in awhile it just seems like the days just roll right on by....
Kelly & I have been getting up early and hitting the roads with Chance & Roper, It has been my dream to be able to ride our horses along the dirt roads just talking & enjoying. It has been fun and trying also since I am such a novice rider a number of times Kelly has had to get off of Chance and come rescue me. But all in all it has been alot of fun and I truely enjoy this time I am having with her : )
Over at Homeschooler in Florida Bunny's mom recently passed away, My heart & prayers goes out to her because both of my parents have already passed away and I know how hard it is..... It is funny how you miss the little things like not being able to pick the phone up and hearing their voices and also not being able to share with them the good and bad things that are happening.
Yes, We are still doing school work..... after we get home from riding we have lunch and then start. We are getting enough done I guess, I just don't seem to be sweating over it.
Hope everyone has a great day!

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sunshineperri said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments you leave!! It is very hard losing parents!
GLad you are "learning" to let go a bit with school. It took me years to learn that one!!