Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slow Start Today....

Here it is almost 11:00am and I just took my shower and Kelly is still sleeping! I don't feel myself today, I just hope I am not catching something! I'm not sure if it's that or I am just feeling in the dumps lately. We have been trying to get ALL the paper work done to get my son signed up for the Police Academy, It has been such a struggle - I took him for his physical, he needs an EKG, one minute the doctors office said the medicade would pay for it so they scheduled him for this past Monday, he goes up there after school and THEN they tell him it won't be covered! I was so mad they could of just called me and we would have saved the gas to get him up there... then he also needs a urine test - one minute they say they can do it in the office and the next they say he has to go to another place. The gal got so nasty with me, I told her what she had said to us and then she insisted that she gave him the paper to go to the other office which I know she didn't because I was standing right next to him. ANYWAY, I scratched together the $35.00 and I am taking him to the doctors on Thurs. and we are going to get this all straightend out (I hope).
Then to Kelly, You all know how I am always flip flopping around with our curriculum and I really feel we just have not covered enough stuff! I was looking though my books to sell and opened the one called "What every 5th grader needs to know", I was floored at how much out of that book we haven't covered and here she is supposta be going into 7th grade in Aug.! She is soooo far behind in math, In public school she had an IEP and she moved along slowly but I really feel we are not moving along at all! She is still working on multiplication, I have her doing three digit problems every day. she is finally getting it but my gosh it has been a struggle. She still really doesn't know the times table by heart, I just let her use a grid now when she works on the problems. I guess I am just feeling so down about our progress in all areas of homeschooling. I always thought that the one on one attention I would be able to give her would help her move along but to be honest it hasn't. I have tried to think of ways to get us moving (of course money is always a problem so I can't buy anything) and with my printer & copier both broken I can't make copies of work sheets or books off the computer! I am going to try looking into those lap books maybe if she can see it all listed in an area that will help her.
Can you tell I am having a bad day : (


FatcatPaulanne said...

I had one of those bad days last week when I realized that my oldest son has been slacking off in Algebra and is nowhere near where he is supposed to be. Now I'm looking at his book every day instead of every now and then. It's just hard though.

My yougest 2 are behind in some subjects and ahead in others. We all just do the best we can. Even if it's not perfect, I still think it's better than public school.

sunshineperri said...

Please, Donna, don't worry so much. Remember each child learns at a different pace and time!! Trust that you are doing okay and don't worry about what other people say our children should or shouldn't know at what age/grade. If you email me your addy again, I will mail you some worksheets for multiplication facts. It has helped Dylan ALOT!!!!
I will try to email you off the blog, but like you and paulanne, I too am having a bad week. Remember that in Florida we just need to show that our child is progressing to THEIR ability!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

I am continually consulting those books as a yard stick. When Tink didnt measure up I just started consulting the book that was a grade or two lower and presto she made the grade. Lol

We all have bad days.
we all question ourselves at this time of the year. Im sure you did just fine.

Anonymous said...

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