Tuesday, April 8, 2008

School Work... Not!

My plans on getting school in this week seem to be going out the window, It is just hard to when my son is home.
I did order The History of Us book 6 from Amazon ($1.40 plus $3.99 shipping), Now if I could only get the Zoology book 3 for around that price......
My son graduates highschool the end of May, If all goes well he is scheduled to start the police academy in Aug. - I sure hope he can find a job during his off time from school (Flagler County has one of the highest unemployment rate in Florida). I am sure hoping to not have so much off time from schooling for Kelly, I really think she will just be so bored. I am also keeping my eyes out on freecycle/ my mother-in-law garage sale hunting for a swimming pool, We have had one is the past years which we really used but the plastic ones just don't last long here in the blazing hot sun it seems to dry them out.
I wanted to share with you a great homeschooling blog I have found which I am enjoying: Milestones Academy
Have a great day!!!!!

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Mrs. Darling said...

Thanks for the link to the blog. Hope your son finds a job! They say we're heading into a recession. Ugh!