Friday, April 18, 2008

One of Those Days......

It's funny how you start the day thinking one thing and then something pops up and changes it all.
I took my son to the doctors office, I was AMAZED at how some mom's let there kids just run around the office (my two could not stand it an waited outside). This one little girl ran around the office tripped and feel full force into my knee cap with her head. I asked the littel girl if she was okay but she ran over to her mother and the mother fussed over her but never once said she was sorry to me. This same little girl took down all the business cards and handed them out to everyone in the office - The mom just let her do what ever she wanted. Other kids in the office were throwing a ball around and jumping up and down on the chairs. It just was amazing to me at how inconsiderate these mothers were of the others patients in the office - some where sick and you could see the noise and activity leve just made them feel worse. ANYWAY, we got the EKG done then went over to the other office and had the urine test done - I think he is finshed with that end of it, YEA!
We did get a chance to stop at the library and pick up a ton of books that go along with our history book (Ciivil War) - One story I enjoyed alot was MEET ADDY AN AMERICAN GIRL - Book One. I hope these types of stories helps Kelly get more out of the history topics. I just have to remember to return all these books on time : )
* I did want to mention I sold my first book one ebay - Yea! It sold for $25.00 but I still have to ship it but still at least it something.
We get home and my mother-in-law called and said my father-in-law just was taken away by ambulance, he broke his hip. My husband & son went down to see him in the hospital. They said he was so nasty to them while they were there ripping my son for not having a job, and then in the next breath telling my husband he better shut up and not make waves at his job because there are no jobs available out there..... then he started to yell at them because we added another horse to our family saying how stupid can we get, then yelling about how long it took Kelly to be able to ride her horse saying it all is a lost cause.... The two of them came home with such a look on their faces, I felt so bad for them. You would think a man who is 78 years old facing hip surgery today would be a little nicer to his son & grandson who took the time to visit him! My mother-in-law blamed it on him being in pain but to be honest this man can be so nasty. Time will tell how he recovers from this one, just last year I think it was he broke his leg on the same side as the broken hip....

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Congratulations on selling your first book!

I'm sorry about your father-in-law.