Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hope you enjoy your weekend : )

Sometimes I just have to laugh and cry at myself....
With my father-in-law breaking his hip, My husband has been spending nights down with his mother while my father-in-law is still in the hospital - I hate to say it but our house has been soooo much more peaceful and less stressful! I have had a chance to just sit down in the evenings and read which I just love to do..... This has given me a chance to really think over my next plan of action for homeschooling.
I have been reading "Well Trained Mind" I have read it in the past but picked it up again and am going to use it as a starting point for our schooling. With selling a few books on ebay (Yea!) I have been able to buy a few of the books they suggest, I am trying to look at learning for Kelly instead of grade.... Does that make sence??? I think one of the main problems Kelly has is that she spells sooooo poorly! This just makes every topic of learning so much harder for her - So I really need to find a spelling program that is tailored for the older child who hasn't the hang of spelling yet. I was looking through the Rainbow Resource catalog and found Spelling: A Phonetic Approach It looks like something we might be able to use. Time will tell on that but at least it is a start I guess.
The crying part I mentioned is while I was at the food store I jumped on their really big scale at the front of the store.... I was so floored by how much weight I have gained! Between you and me..... it said I weighed 192 lbs.!!!!!!! I am only 5 ft. 5 in. tall so you can imagine how heavy this is for me to carry around. When I was full term with Kelly I only weighed 180 lbs., Here I am 12 pound heavier 13 years later!!!!!! and not even pregnant : ( I need to work on my stress eating!!!!!

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