Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a way to start a new month!

My husband was layed off from his job yesterday!
He had told his boss time after time if they start to get short on work to let him know ahead of time because we live pay check to pay check - well Monday he goes to work, Tues. the boss calls and says take the dayoff, then Wed. he tells him there is no more work! I can not tell you how nervous I am over this, Our county has the highest unemployement rate in all of Florida. He filled for unemployment but that take three weeks before you get the first check..... and then that is going to be at best around $200.00 - but who can go that long without any money! I was kinda flipping out over it all and my husband was just like I know I know, He went down to spend the night with his mother (my father-in-law is still in a rehab for his hip, they think another two weeks for that). He said he will check out the paint stores down there in the Daytona/Ormond Beach area for jobs, but with gas getting so high the further away he goes that will be a problem.
Another story I have today is, My son left this morning at 4am., he went to be with his girlfriend at the hospital. Her father is going in for heart surgery today. His family all wanted to spend as much time as they could with him before he went into surgery this morning because the doctors give him only a slim chance of making it through the surgery (the doctors had told him if he didn't do the surgery now he would have only at best a few months to live). I so feel for all of them it must be so hard to say good bye to him this morning knowing that this might be it! They sure are in my prayers.

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Danette said...

Can we talk...about downsizing that is? I was downsized one hour before I had to be to work. I still claen for them, but $50 a week doesn't cut it either. But it is better than nothing.

I am still looking and yes, in Florida it is extremely difficult. I picked up the want ads yesterday and there was only a half a page.

I also have a medical condition that keeps me from working a full time job. So that is another glitch. Most employers are looking for full time.

A friend of mine has my best interest and keeps me informed of upcoming jobs. So I keep hitting the pavement. And if another job does come my way I will gladly give up the cleaning of the office that dumped me at the last minute.